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Hash channels for whatsapp

Hash channels are an method of broadcasting your messages, sending various information, or posting advertisements. Channel supervision lies on the shoulders of the administrator. He can find assistants who will have either full functions or limited access to management. Users subscribed to such content cannot make comments. But they have the opportunity to view, read, mark and take part in questionnaires.

Channel limitations:

  • one user has the right to create only one group;
  • limit to the maximum audience – no more than 256 people;
  • entry is carried out by clicking on the direct link, invitation.

Service developers promise to expand the functionality in the near future, to remove the limitations that most participants express dissatisfaction with.

How to get whatsapp channel hash

Newsletter is possible only through the official version of WhatsApp Business API. It is necessary to register and get the approval of the administration. You will need an emulator to create a channel, its registrar, which allows you to make it official. For an inexperienced user, the connection scheme is complicated, it is better to contact a specialized service. Receiving a Hash canal for sending messages of various kinds to its customers occurs according to the algorithm:

  • the number from which the activity is conducted must be active for at least the last 6 months;
  • purchase an emulator (for example, WART);
  • go to the activation server, of which there are a huge number on the network;
  • go to the emulator program and fill in the necessary graphs;
  • through the activation service we get the activation code;
  • register the channel in the emulator;
  • We collect the customer base. Buying a wide base will not bring success: the target audience may not be suitable, the company’s activities will be regarded as spam;
  • The official newsletter can only be sent to existing customers or those who have given their consent to receive it. Without consent, only unofficial happens. It is provided by special services..