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  • Blaster Bulk Sender—a powerful WhatsApp marketing tool

    To promote business, we often need to run WhatsApp Marketing campaigns. The most effective and direct way is to send bulk messages directly to customers. Then Whatsapp Blaster Bulk Sender is what you need. It is ranked as the most efficient software for sending bulk messages. WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender can send multimedia messages including […]

  • Five effective ways for B2C businesses to reach customers via WhatsApp

    For B2C businesses, WhatsApp’s popularity can never be ignored. As a most efficient messaging app, it has more than 2 billion active users in over 180 countries. Hence, it is a great tool for B2C businesses to interact with your customers. With WhatsApp, businesses can issue notifications, updates for reservations, payments, shipping, appointments, alerts and […]

  • Hash channels for whatsapp

    Hash channels are an method of broadcasting your messages, sending various information, or posting advertisements. Channel supervision lies on the shoulders of the administrator. He can find assistants who will have either full functions or limited access to management. Users subscribed to such content cannot make comments. But they have the opportunity to view, read, […]

  • What is WhatsApp hash channel?

    WhatsApp hash channels are pre-activated WhatsApp numbers that function as real people in the system. They do not depend on just mobile numbers for authentication; instead they can use WhatsApp number & WhatsApp Server generated Hash Password to login, making them more flexible to fit your needs than using only WhatsApp number that are automatically […]

  • How to do WhatsApp marketing?

    There are three necessary things to prepare for WhatsApp marketing: WhatsApp user numbers, WhatsApp software and WhatsApp hash channels. WhatsApp user numbers refer to the mobile phone numbers that are registered for WhatsApp. If you don’t have WhatsApp user numbers, you can filter them with the help of our software WhatsApp contact filter, WhatsApp Contacts […]