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Blaster Bulk Sender—a powerful WhatsApp marketing tool

To promote business, we often need to run WhatsApp Marketing campaigns. The most effective and direct way is to send bulk messages directly to customers. Then Whatsapp Blaster Bulk Sender is what you need. It is ranked as the most efficient software for sending bulk messages. WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender can send multimedia messages including text, images, locations, audio, video, documents on all platform. The latest version WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender V6.4 adds interactive messages function, which enables you to interact with those who receive your messages. It’s 100% delivery rate makes it a perfect marketing tool. But Blaster Bulk Sender can’t work without WhatsApp Hash Channels. WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender and WhatsApp Hash Channels are two necessary parts of WhatsApp marketing campaigns. provides the latest update WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender and protected WhatsApp Hash Channels. We cooperate with local SIM cards providers from across the world such as the US, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia. All our channels are generated only by using REAL SIM cards, 100% safe and are sold only once. To ease your bit of worry, we also offer sample channels for you to test and replacement guarantee. Our WhatsApp Hash Channels are compatible with all WhatsApp marketing software, like WhatsApp Lastseen Filter, WhatsApp Contact Filter, WhatsApp Group Blaster, WhatsApp Blaster Pro etc.

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