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Five effective ways for B2C businesses to reach customers via WhatsApp

For B2C businesses, WhatsApp’s popularity can never be ignored. As a most efficient messaging app, it has more than 2 billion active users in over 180 countries. Hence, it is a great tool for B2C businesses to interact with your customers. With WhatsApp, businesses can issue notifications, updates for reservations, payments, shipping, appointments, alerts and so on. Besides, you can also use the WhatsApp Chatbot to automate common customer inquiries, thereby reaching out instantly to more users with minimal resources. 

The following are 5 effective strategies to boost your business via WhatsApp:

1. Instant notifications to enhance customer service

When customers find it difficult to find the right information they need to use a product or service, putting up a WhatsApp widget on your website can help solve this problem. You can also deliver in-time information instantly to your customers on WhatsApp such as, alerts, recommendations, notifications, reminders and so on, which will surely give your customers a better experience.

2. Two-way interactive communication

Unlike other channels, there are no restrictions in terms of file formats on WhatsApp. You can send personalized messages using multi-media formats such as images, audio, video, and GIFs. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your customers.

3. Publish recommendations to drive engagement

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used mobile apps. On average, its users spend 38 minutes per day on it. You can set up automated messages through WhatsApp to send relevant recommendations and reminders to drive the attention of your users back to your app. Your customers, on the other hand, get the choice to opt-in for updates and alerts that they are interested in on a channel that they regularly use. Netflix, for example, uses WhatsApp to send recommendations about movies and TV series. WhatsApp’s latest feature even allows new users to view Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp.

5. Collect quick feedbacks

B2C companies can also use WhatsApp to get timely feedback from customers. Messaging apps like WhatsApp have incredible open rates. There are more chances of customers opening your messages on WhatsApp and responding to your feedback requests in comparison to other channels like email. You can use WhatsApp to get relevant information from clients around the globe to improve your product or service. Many brands use WhatsApp to encourage feedback from their users post-service.

As a B2C business, WhatsApp marketing is a useful strategy. You can use WhatsApp in many creative ways to interact with your customers. The more you interact with them, the more likely your customers are to make a purchase or recommend your brand.