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  • Blaster Bulk Sender—a powerful WhatsApp marketing tool

    To promote business, we often need to run WhatsApp Marketing campaigns. The most effective and direct way is to send bulk messages directly to customers. Then Whatsapp Blaster Bulk Sender is what you need. It is ranked as the most efficient software for sending bulk messages. WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender can send multimedia messages including […]

  • Five effective ways for B2C businesses to reach customers via WhatsApp

    For B2C businesses, WhatsApp’s popularity can never be ignored. As a most efficient messaging app, it has more than 2 billion active users in over 180 countries. Hence, it is a great tool for B2C businesses to interact with your customers. With WhatsApp, businesses can issue notifications, updates for reservations, payments, shipping, appointments, alerts and […]

  • WhatsApp Group Blaster v3.2

    WhatsApp Group Blaster can automatically create groups,send messages in the groups and then leave. It is high efficient for broadcasting messages to bulk users. Features: Send messages on all WhatsApp platform (Android, iPhone and others) Text, image (jpg, png), location, vCard, audio (mp3), video(avi, mp4), document (txt, pdf, csv, doc) Autosave report Encoding messages (End-to-End […]

  • WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender v7.0.2

    WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender is the most efficient blasting software, which can send up to 200,000 messages with just one computer per day if you have enough good channels and clear IPs. 100% successful! It is full functioned and can send any content including text, image (jpg, png), location, vCard, audio (.mp3), video (.mp4, .avi), […]

  • WhatsApp Profile Picture Downloader v6.3

    WhatsApp Lastseen Filter is a more accurate WhatsApp filter software. It not only can filter active WhatsApp numbers but also tells you if the users are online, or the last time they were using WhatsApp. Features:– Check 450 numbers from 1 channel (max from WhatsApp servers and timeout)– Load/generate inputs numbers– AutoSave result– save Profile […]

  • WhatsApp Contact Filter v5.2

    WhatsApp Contacts Filter allows you to quickly filter out active WhatsApp numbers and eliminates the non-active numbers from any area or list of numbers you upload. MORE FEATURES ON WHATSAPP FILTER V5.0: 1. Super faster filter 1500 Numbers Just 1-3 Seconds2. 250 000 and more filtered numbers per 1 channel3. Import bulk channels4. Load/generate inputs […]

  • WhatsApp Contacts Status Checker v2.7

    WhatsApp Contacts Status Checker can filter active WhatsApp numbers at high speed(1500 numbers in 2-3 seconds) as well as help you get the users’ status . You can also get the date of last change status text too. System requirements for all softwares:– Windows 7 (with installed all updates), 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not […]

  • WART Recovery v3.5

    WART Recovery can recover hash channels from your device (tested on NOX, Leapdroid, GM) where installed WhatsApp official client. You can convert Queen channels to hash channels. Features: – not need change IP for extract channels– can extract channels with two-factors authentication– load file with list of IDs– autosave result– good quality of channels System […]