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How to do WhatsApp marketing?

There are three necessary things to prepare for WhatsApp marketing: WhatsApp user numbers, WhatsApp software and WhatsApp hash channels.

WhatsApp user numbers refer to the mobile phone numbers that are registered for WhatsApp. If you don’t have WhatsApp user numbers, you can filter them with the help of our software WhatsApp contact filter, WhatsApp Contacts Status Checker  or WhatsApp Lastseen Filter. We can also filter these numbers of target areas for you at very low cost.

WhatsApp Marketing software,such as WhatsApp Blaster Bulk Sender and WhatsApp Group Blaster, is the tool that basically allows users to send masses of messages to other WhatsApp users in target area. This software can also image (jpg, png), location, vCard, audio (.mp3), video (.mp4, .avi), documents (.txt, .doc, pdf, csv), stickers (webP) and combine.

WhatsApp hash Channels are pre-activated and registered WhatsApp Numbers used for sending WhatsApp messages to other WhatsApp users. They also perform other WhatsApp automation activities from the software such as receiving messages, checking active WhatsApp users through the “filter” process, checking last seen of WhatsApp contacts in the list, and so on. These WhatsApp Numbers are registered online through a WhatsApp registration tool that generates a combination of phone number; WhatsApp generated code and security code. Without these WhatsApp hash Channels, WhatsApp Marketing software can’t work.