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  • WhatsApp Profile Picture Downloader v6.3 $110

    Whatsapp profile picture downloader is a more accurate WhatsApp filter software. It not only can filter active WhatsApp numbers but also can download the users’ profile pictures and tell the gender from the pictures. Features:– Check 450 numbers from 1 channel (max from WhatsApp servers and timeout)– Load/generate inputs numbers– AutoSave result– save Profile Pictures (in startup […]

  • How to make the best of WhatsApp for Marketing?

    With more than 2 billion active users monthly, WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular messaging app around the world. It is being used by users of all ages, geographies and regions. According to the statistics, India has 390.1 million monthly active users, Brazil 108.4 million and USA 75.1 million. On average WhatsApp user spends 19.4 […]

  • Benefits of WhatsApp marketing for business

    Easy access. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with customers on a channel they’re already using. Most people check their messages several times a day (38 minutes per day) which makes WhatsApp the easiest and most convenient way for them to get in touch with businesses.Your customers won’t also have to check their emails constantly to get an update on their order/query. Global reach. WhatsApp […]

  • How to filter active WhatsApp numbers?

    There are billions of phone numbers in the world but not all of them are on WhatsApp. To avoid wasting time and money to send messages to non-WhatsApp numbers, you must filter active WhatsApp numbers first. But how to filter them? Firstly, you should have phone numbers list. If not, you can refer to wikipedia […]

  • Why should you use WhatsApp to promote your business?

    WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. It has been growing fast since it was officially launched in November 2009. Today, WhatsApp is reported to have more than 2 billion monthly active users globally, ranking as the most used mobile messenger apps in the world. WhatsApp monthly active users According to the […]

  • Positive outcomes of WhatsApp marketing

    Deeper relationship with customers More than half of customers feel more connected to a brand or product if they use messaging apps. It makes WhatsApp marketing a good way of building long-term relationship with customers. Maintaining such a connection helps your business cut expenditures as customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition. Moreover,WhatsApp provides business with a robust […]

  • How to do WhatsApp marketing?

    There are three necessary things to prepare for WhatsApp marketing: WhatsApp user numbers, WhatsApp software and WhatsApp hash channels. WhatsApp user numbers refer to the mobile phone numbers that are registered for WhatsApp. If you don’t have WhatsApp user numbers, you can filter them with the help of our software WhatsApp contact filter, WhatsApp Contacts […]