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How to make the best of WhatsApp for Marketing?

With more than 2 billion active users monthly, WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular messaging app around the world. It is being used by users of all ages, geographies and regions. According to the statistics, India has 390.1 million monthly active users, Brazil 108.4 million and USA 75.1 million. On average WhatsApp user spends 19.4 hours per month (38 minutes per day) on the app, which makes an excellent channel for marketing. But how to make the most out of it? Here are some ways to do WhatsApp marketing:

  • Creat Festival promotions: Launch some business promotions on festivals like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas, so you can attract more people to discover and discuss your business or products. Promotions should be targeted to potential customers, which will stimulate purchasing pulse and generate more tractions.
  • Notification, Promotion and Retention: By using WhatsApp for business, you can use the platform to send periodic notifications to your customers who have opted for it. You can send messages regularly to your customers like new offers, discounts, renewal and expiry of subscriptions, and new arrivals of products and so on. These messages help in retaining customers and also increasing sales.
  • Expand Reach: WhatsApp widget can be put on your website so that potential customers can reach you immediately and directly. Offer some promotional bonus for first contact and encourage them to subscribe to WhatsApp promotions. This will help expand new reach and boost your business.
  • Community Forum: Make good use of the WhatsApp group function.You can create a group with your customers and experts, for more engagement. This will help new and old consumers understand about your brand, products and services as well as pitch new arrivals.