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How to filter active WhatsApp numbers?

There are billions of phone numbers in the world but not all of them are on WhatsApp. To avoid wasting time and money to send messages to non-WhatsApp numbers, you must filter active WhatsApp numbers first. But how to filter them?

Firstly, you should have phone numbers list. If not, you can refer to wikipedia to find the list of country calling codes and try to find out area code and phone number format of the target area.

 country calling codes(from wikipedia)

Second, download WhatsApp filter software ,such as WhatsApp Contacts Filter, and start to filter active WhatsApp numbers. WhatsApp Contacts Filter allows you to quickly filter out the active WhatsApp numbers and eliminates the non-active numbers from any area or list of numbers you upload.

High speed

Filter 1500 numbers in 1-3 seconds

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Export active WhatsApp numbers easily


No limit to filter numbers

  • Super faster filter 1500 numbers in just 1-3 Seconds
  • 250 000 and more filtered numbers per channel
  • Load/generate inputs numbers
  • Fixed crashes while filtering